Ayurvedic for 90: Week 1

I have been concerned with hair health and growth since I was a teenager. Always hating that my hair would not grow more than 3 inches past my shoulders regardless of routine. Recently, I came across some videos on Youtube raving about ayurvedic hair practices that seemed promising. I’m a try-er so I’m going to attempt to create an ayurvedic routine and stick to it for 90 days. At the end, I think I’ll have worked out whether it actually works or not. If it does, I’m in for the however-long I can manage to keep it up. And maybe extend to my daughter’s routine as well.

My initial warning from research and ordering ingredients and supplies is that starting out can be expensive. Ayurvedic powders and extracts are not cheap so be prepared if you plan to do your own mixing. My cursory cart total was over $250 with just ingredients to make a sealing oil, a gloss and a tea. I went back and did more hunting- got it down to $200 including 6 applicator bottles and a scalp massager. However, the ingredients will last a while and contribute to various other recipes so in the long term.

Curly Proverbz (YouTuber) has some pre-mixed options being sold via Belle Bar Organic. They are not cheap but are definitely more cost effective if you only plan to give this a limited try or are too busy to bother with preparing the masks, glosses or teas yourself.


I am going to start with the Cassia gloss and sealant oil for the first month with rod sets and twist-outs. I mixed both gloss and sealant oil myself. Didn’t put enough oil on my gloss so it was really grainy. I also think I could have let it sit longer to fix that. You also have to rinse really, really well. I did a normal rinse and then could see grains of powder in on my strands so I had to re-rinse more thoroughly.


My oil solidified overnight the second or third night and I had no idea why until I realized coconut oil solidifies below 76 degrees. Honestly, it was fine because from there it was similar to a hair grease but not preferable as I had not filtered out the herbs and such (which I do not want on my hair). I heated it a bit in the microwave and filtered it.


My hair definitely felt stronger which is code for stiffer because that’s what people try to avoid saying but that’s the result that protein treatments provide as well. Your hair may be stronger but that typically also means that it is a bit stiff which. This is why deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner play an important role in an ayurvedic routine. I did not twist it because it was so late when I decided to wash it but wore it in a puffy ponytail all week. Will check back in about a month with some more to say on actual results.